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First Glance

Jainco Group of Companies was incorporated in the year 1984 with the aim to offer superior quality, cost-effective Refractory Materials providing thermal resistance and refractory solutions for all high-temperature and other industrial applications.

We are the prominent Manufacturers and Exporters of Refractory Materials – Refractory Bed Material for FBC and CFBC Boilers, Fire Bricks of different shapes and sizes, and Bottom Pouring Sets. Being one of the leading Brick Lining Contractors with specialization in RCC Chimneys, we also provide services in the field of Fire Bricks and Insulation Bricks Construction Work, Acid Proof Lining Work, etc.

Jainco has been India's Premier supplier of Refractory Bed Material for fluidized bed combustion (FBC) and circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) boilers since the introduction of this fluidized bed technology in India in early 1990s. We have a mature working relationship with leading boiler manufacturers (most notably, BHEL and TBW) and a very wide base of power-plant customers. Continuous in-house improvements based on feedback and interactions with our customers are the foundations that have made our product a technical and commercial success.

Our Leadership status and Industry Expertise has made us Market Leaders with over 60% Boiler Bed Material market share.

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